Electronic Insulation Sheet Fiberglass AGM Battery Separator

Electronic Insulation Sheet Fiberglass AGM Battery Separator

Model No.︰FX02

Brand Name︰FX

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.02 / pc

Minimum Order︰100000 pc

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Product Description

FX Fiberglass AGM Battery Separator, Lead Acid Battery, Storage Battery, UPS Battery, Lithium Battery, Fiberglass Separator, AGM Separator for Motorcycle Battery, Auto Battery, Li-ion Battery

Thickness (mm) ±0.05 1.61
Tensile Strength (Mpa) ≥3.0 5.75
Electrical Resistance (Ω.dm²) ≤0.0015 0.0008
Max.Pore Size (um) ≤30 24
Volume Porosity (%) ≥85 91.9

The AGM separator has good acid resistance, equal thickness, high volume porosity, enough tensile strengthen both in machine direction and cross direction, good compression ability to ensure the high plate group pressure, and good insulative ability etc. It can absorb enough electrolyte, supply the channels for hydrogen and oxygen free passing to react, prevent the active materials from falling off, slow the creation of lead crystal, and reduce the loss of electrolyte in charge & loss maintenance, it is also has a long using life.

About us High performance AGM separator here gives battery-makers the opportunity to meet the most demanding application requirements. 
As a manufacturer of AGM BATTERY SEPARATOR for FLOODED/VENTED lead-acid storage battery (STARTER type) & AGM SEPARATOR for VRLA/SLA storage battery (MAINTENANCE FREE type) 
We are manufacturer of absorptive glassfibre mat separator for VRLA/SLA storage battery and PG (AGM glass mat separator) for flooded/vented storage battery. 
Approved by China National Supervision Centre for Quality of Storage Battery, the AGM material meets the requirement of JB/T7630.1-1998 in every physical and chemical index. 
The Company supplies reliable AGM material at reasonable price, as is widely praised by users home and abroad. You are welcome to visit us and become our business friends

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