Fibreglass Wool AGM Separator for Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Fibreglass Wool AGM Separator for Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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FX Group ,as a professional manufacturer of the industrial products,,specializing in dealing with lead acid battery products like AGM Separator,AGM Separator with glass tissue. FX has a great team that own leading and professional technique, standard management and perfect service. We have built long-term and steady business relationship with hundreds of customers all over the world.We strongly believe we can provide customers with best products and honest service,untill now on we had exported our products to India,Pakistan,Korea,Thailand,Afghan,Iran and other countries! As one of the biggest battery separator manufacturer, we will try our best to meet our customer's request.
Lead-acid Battery is an important carrier for storing electrical energy, and Industry and transportation are inseparable from it. With the scientific and technological innovation, the separator in the battery has been upgraded from the original wood separator into fiberglass materia.
l. After ten years' professional exploration, with the advances in technology, we have been able to supply the following kinds of separators:1. glass mat for battery separator made of water dispersion type chopped strand by wet processing;

2.Soft AGM paper made of Dia 0.5-2.5μm micro fiber, with thickness of 0.5~3mm;
3.As per American Standard, compounding glass mat and AGM paper by two sticky lines, the thickness of the compounding AGM Separator is 1mm~3mm;
4.Glass mat as base material, China Standard AGM compounding separator is produced by combining glass mat and soft AGM paper;
Attach some pictures for AGM separator applied for auto, motor, ship, UPS and electric vehicles. We can develop thin AGM paper with higher strength and better wettability.

1 Thickness mm ±5%d
2 Electrical Resistance Ω.dm2 ≤0.00050d
3 Tensile Strength kN/m ≤2.0mm
4 Basic Weight g/ 20Kpa
5 Max Pore Diameter µm ≤20µm
6 Pressurzing Acid Absorption % ≥550
7 Porosity % ≥90
8 Acid-Wicking Height mm/5min ≥90mm/5min

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