Soft AGM Fiberglass Battery Separators

Soft AGM Fiberglass Battery Separators

Model No.︰FX112

Brand Name︰FX

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1.12 / carton

Minimum Order︰1 carton

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Product Description

Product Specifications / Features
AGM Battery separator/Fiberglass separator for lithium
cells, are made from fiberglass and binder. These sheets
have advantages of high liquid absorptivity, low specific
resistance, excellent chemical stability and high
mechanical strength, etc. They can absorb all electrolyte
uniformly onto themselves and stablize the discharge
performance of cells:

Appearance neat, uniform and pinhole-free
Thickness (mm) 0.100+/-0.01; 0.180+/-0.02; 0.200+/-0.02
Type For button cell(LGM-K); for column cell(LGM-Z)
Tensile strength (N/15mm)
Porosity (%) >=70
Liquid absorptivity (%) >=500
Specific resistance(W-cm) <10

1 Thickness mm ±5%d
2 Electrical Resistance Ω.dm2 ≤0.00050d
3 Tensile Strength kN/m ≤2.0mm
4 Basic Weight g/ 20Kpa
5 Max Pore Diameter µm ≤20µm
6 Pressurzing Acid Absorption % ≥550
7 Porosity % ≥90
8 Acid-Wicking Height mm/5min ≥90mm/5min

Special specifications are available upon request.
Application: Used as separator sheets between anodes and
cathodes in lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) cells or
lithium-manganesia (Li-MnO2 ) cells.

Samples test be welcome!
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ISO2000 certification

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