Fire Emergency Rolling Shutter Roller up Door

Fire Emergency Rolling Shutter Roller up Door

Model No.︰FX100

Brand Name︰FX

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 60 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Rolling Shutter/Roller Shutters/Rolling Door/Fire truck door/roller shutter   roller shutter door  aluminum door  rolling shutter  roller door  sliding door  door  security door  steel door  automatic door  aluminium sliding door  metal door garage door 

FX roll-up hurricane & security shutter is proud to bring you such a solution that solves all these problems while providing additional benefits and unparrelled durability: 

FX roll-up hurricane & security shutter slats are made of an impact resistant polymeric composite, which is what gives them their incredible durability and long life. However, their high tech material is not just tough, it is also beautiful. Surface of slats could be powder coating or painting in a wide variety of colors. It could last for many years without wearing out. 

FX roll-up hurricane & security shutter offer other benefits beyond hurricane protection^benefits that you can enjoy 365 days a year. They can be used to protect your home or business from burglars at night or when you are away. Heat insulation, noise insulation, peer proof is another feature of FX roll-up shutters, perforated slats in roll-up shutters make light into room even you close the shutter. 

FX roll-up shutters are convenient, easy to use, attractive, and very tough. They could be controlled by wireless remote control, closing or opening them as easy as changing the channel on your TV. 

FX roll-up hurricane & security shutters can reduce your insurance premiums by providing hurricane protection. These same features also mean that you can extend the usable living space in your home. An outdoor patio can become more like an extra room when you know that your belongings will be protected from weather and theft by using FX roll-up hurricane & security shutters. 

Why wait for the next hurricane to ruin your home or business? Protected your investment with FX roll-up hurricane & security shutters. You will get peace of mind when hurricanes threaten, but you will also get the day to day convenience and comfort that FX shutters can provide. 

We are providing hurricane roll-up shutters here at competitive quality and price from China after years' experience in shutter industry. 

tem Unit Parameter
Product name Fire truck roll-up door, roller shutter, fire fighting truck roll up door
Water tank volume L 2000
Overall dimensions mm 6260×1900×2750
Gross weight kg 6495
Curb weight 3065,3000
Payload capacity 3250,3315
Axle load 2620/3875
Wheelbase mm 3300
Front/Rear track base 1506/1466
Front/Rear overhang 1032/1488
Approach/Departure angle ° 17/13
Exhaust/Power ml/hp 3856/95
Max speed km/h 90
Emission standard Euro III
Engine model CY4102-C3F Electric system 24V
Traction system 4×2 Number of axles 2
Tire specifications 7.00-16 Number of tires 6
Operation control  system Electrically hydraulic control Allowable passengers in cab 2+3,3+3
Equipments and Performance 1. Water pump: CB10/20.
2. Fire cannon: PS20
3. PTO (Power Take Off)
4. 5-7 curtain doors equipment boxes
5. 1100mm long row lights
Production cycle 15-20 days
warranty 12 month, from the date of supply

Payment Terms︰ TT/PayPal

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