Truck Aluminum Rolling Shutter Fire Proofing Roll-up Doors

Truck Aluminum Rolling Shutter Fire Proofing Roll-up Doors

Model No.︰FX32

Brand Name︰FX

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 70 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

FX roll up door for fire truck, roller shutter door, rolling shutters, rolling door, aluminum garage door, steel security door, metal door, sliding door, automatic door, the most competitive products with high quality of our company. 


Product Truck Aluminum Rolling Shutter Fire Proofing Roll-up Doors
Material Aluminum Alloy
Open style Rolling
Position Exterior
Dimension As request
Slat thickness 1.0mm
Color Silver
Origin China (Mainland)

Why choose FX Roll Up Doors? 
Strong, lightweight anodized aluminum for an attractive appearance 
Quick and easy installation 
Fast and easy opening and closing 
Provide full view of compartment 
Easy access to equipment 
Keeps personnel safe by allowing them to remain closer to the vehicle 
Eliminates damage associated with swing-out doors 
Available in custom painted finishes 
Manufactured in China 

Roll Up Door Design Highlights and Specifications 
The charts below give approximate dimensions for roll up door diameters, compartment depths required, and maximum internal heights allowed for given door widths. 
Recommended Header Height (inches) 2.5" is minimum required 
Internal Height Minimum Depth Header Height Roll p Diameter 
Up to 25 10.000 2.500 5.375 
26 to 35 10.500 2.500 6.000 
36 to 50 11.500 3.250 7.250 
51 to 60 11.875 3.875 7.750 
61 to 70 12.375 4.250 8.250 
71 to 90 13.500 5.375 9.375 
91 to 104 14.125 6.500 10.500 
Roll Up Door Opening vs Maximum Internal Height (inches) 
Door Opening Width Maximum Internal Height 
18.000 30.000 
19.000 40.000 
20.000 56.000 
21.000 60.000 
22.000 to 27.000 90.000 
28.000 to 32.000 100.000 
33.000 to 78.000 110.000 

Standard Features of FX Roll Up Doors 
Spring loaded operator for ease of lifting roll up door. 
Durable yet lightweight slat design with weather seal between each slat. 
There are three side rails available. The standard rail has a finish flange on the outside. There is also a flange on the inside to mount the rail but not through the area where the door rides. The recessed rail has no finish flange and is mounted by putting the screws through a recessed area in the rail where the door rides. This recessed area hides the screw so there is no interference with the door. The universal rail looks much the same as the standard rail, but can also be mounted onto the front face of the compartment. A Santoprene seal is provided to hide the screw heads. Any of the side rails can be predrilled to the customers specifications free of charge. 
All the flexible polymer components such as the wipers and seals are made of Santoprene. It has a high resistance to UV's and adjusts well to hot and cold extremes. It also cleans very easily with mild detergents. 
The top of each handle is supplied with a heavy duty rubber bumper to dampen noise and vibration.

Payment Terms︰ TT/LC/DP

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